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Beast Duelled

(Full Version) 

(Android Demo)

(Web Demo)

53xy83457's first commercial release. An infinite, high stress, puzzle fighter featuring all your favourite characters from that thing you played once, you think, maybe.
CH8: Cyber Origins
Sometimes it's nice to reminisce about the past... because the future is F*CKED!!

Super Smashing SlotsThe remake nobody asked for. Just your average slots app with extra points for trashing machines and planetary genocide!

Splatter Grounds  Gangs of New... grounds?

Beast Pixels

(Android Version)

(Web Version)

A simple, low stress puzzle game... to start off. Your brain will bleed out your ears by the end of it!


SquicideFlash isn't dead. There are many ongoing preservation efforts such as Flashpoint, Ruffle, the Newgrounds player and, most notably, the fact that I'm not finished with it yet... so it doesn't have my permission to die. Speaking of things dying, here's Squicide.

Where's Damo?

Where's Wally/Waldo style flash game. Yes, I know it's 2018, why do people keep telling me that?

mk - k = f

A fighting game with fatalities minus the fighting.

Entry for The Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018.

CH9: Cyber Devil

Don't know what you're talking about. I've never even heard of Ikaruga.

Robot Day 2018 entry.


Oh Pico Day, Oh Pico Day, Our Newgrounds character skull cracking-Day.

Pico Day 2018 - 2nd place.

Perfect Puff

La-da-da-da-dah. It's the motherf*ckin' FIFTY THREE... xy... eight three four five seven.

Pixel Weekend Jam #1 entry.

Spread The Love

Send messages of friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism and unity.

GGJ18 entry.


The 2 colour per sprite rule makes you look like you're not wearing any pants.

Minimalistic Jam 2 entry.

BBS News

Report on the stories that move you... to a bigger house!

Entry for (and 3rd place winner of) GameCraft 2017

Blasty Beach Bastard

Multidirectional shooter created for GGJ17 because I don't know, f*ck you fish, or whatever.

53xy83457's first Global Game Jam entry.

CH7: Cyber City

An updated version of CH6.6: Cyber Asylum (you can see where I'm going with this) to fit in with the "story" of the Cyber Hell series.

Newgrounds Robot Day 2016 - 3rd place.

Cyber Hell 6

A content warning is in order for the horror that awaits you this time... not that you'll get that far.

Newgrounds Robot Day 2015 - 2nd place.


Always follow your dreams? These dreams follow YOU!

Nitrome Jam 2014 entry.

Danian Versus...

Bet my mascot could beat up your mascot!

Most popular of 2014.

Cyber Hell 4: Master Beta

A Robot Day game as the sequel to a Halloween game? Who's the last boss gonna be, a Madness character!? Nah, that would be ridiculous... right?

Newgrounds Robot Day 2013 - 3rd place.


Get it? Cus it's ng characters, duelling. And it's a puzzle game like Bej... oh forget it!

Most popular of 2013.

Circle vs. Squares

In this game you're the only thing that isn't a square... They're all out to get you.

53xy83457's first Ludum Dare entry. 

Bloody Christmas

It's bloody Christmas again. Let's ruin it for everybody!

Newgrounds Christmas 2012 - honourable mention.

Damian: The Hellevator

You're trapped in a lift with a bunch of murderous psychopaths... I feel sorry for THEM!

Most popular of 2012.

MADNESS: Family Duels

You wanna be the hero? Kill all the other Madness Dudes... see if that works.

Newgrounds Madness Day 2012 - 3rd place.

Smashing Slots

Smashing Slots: PDS

Just your average slot machine with extra points for random acts of violence.

53xy83457's first released mobile game. 

RoboJesus ver. M Kill Tests

All the violence and blasphemy you'd expect from me with none of the pesky ass game play.

Most popular of 2011.

Clock Duels

Strawberry vs. the world!

Clock Day 2011 entry - winners were never announced.

Cyber Hell 2: i4AI

A series of QTE fights against (mostly) famous robots... killed all the best known ones last year.

Newgrounds Robot Day 2011 - 4th place.

The Code Master

Use your logic and programming skills to defeat a series of opponents.

The closest thing to an educational game you'll find here. Created for an academic project, also 53xy83457's first mobile game (unreleased). 

The Beast: MDM

A series of QTE fights against evil doers from the Madness series.

Most popular of 2010.


Quickdraw GUN.5

Shoot or be shot. Kill or be killed. F*ck up or get F*CKED, THE F*CK, UP!!

53xy83457's first game and remake. Created by a younger angrier 53xy83457 who knew bugger all about programming.

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