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Beast Duelled

(Beast Duelled Demo)

An infinite, high stress, puzzle fighter featuring all your favourite characters from that thing you played once, you think, maybe.

Spread The Love

(Rude Version)

Send messages of friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism and unity.

Worm BurnTilt your device to roll the fireball over those pesky worms.

Super Smashing SlotsThe remake nobody asked for. Just your average slots app with extra points for trashing machines and planetary genocide!

Beast PixelsA simple, low stress puzzle game... to start off. Your brain will bleed out your ears by the end of it!

Smashing SlotsA slot machine app with extra points for random acts of violence.


PDSOh Pico Day, Oh Pico Day, Our Newgrounds character skull cracking-Day.

Perfect Puff


(High score version) 

La-da-da-da-dah. It's the motherf*ckin' FIFTY THREE... xy... eight three four five seven.



(High score version)

The 2 colour per sprite rule makes you look like you're not wearing any pants.

CH8: Cyber Origins


Sometimes it's nice to reminisce about the past... because the future is F*CKED!!

BBS NewsReport on the stories that move you... to a bigger house!

Blasty Beach Bastard

(Full credits, download, etc.)

Multidirectional shooter created for The Global Game Jam 2017 because I don't know, f*ck you fish, or whatever.
CH7: Cyber CityAn updated version of CH6.6: Cyber Asylum (you can see where I'm going with this) to fit in with the "story" of the Cyber Hell series.

CH6.6: Cyber AsylumA Cyber Hell game in January? It's like Christmas come early... or like a month late, whatever.

Beast Duelled Demo

(Demo 1 w/ highscores)

A (demo of an) infinite, high stress, puzzle fighter featuring all your favourite characters from that thing you played once, you think, maybe.

Cyber Hell 6A content warning is in order for the horror that awaits you this time... not that you'll get that far.

Splatter GroundsGangs of New... grounds?

Beast PixelsA simple, low stress puzzle game... to start off. Your brain will bleed out your ears by the end of it!

CH5: Demon Robots vs. The Alien Indestructorb
An alien menace threatens to wipe out all life on earth... that's YOUR job! Help Damian build an army of demon robots to take on the indestructible alien mother ship in this Bicky Clicky (or whatever it was called) style game.

NitromareCreated within five days for the Nitrome Game Jam 2014, a series of battles to the death against... what was the theme again... dreams, I guess.

BallsgroundsSomeone has been kidnapping Newgrounds characters and forcing them to compete against each other in a sinister game of death! It's up to you to find the sick bastard responsible... it's gonna be me again isn't it? *sigh* That guy should be ashamed of myself.

Bloody Christmas GUN.5
Bah, bumhug!

Fight DeckA battle card game featuring characters from my other projects. I'm seeing a lot of demons, clowns and Jesuses... take from that what you will.

Cyber Hell 4: Master BetaA Robot Day game as the sequel to a Halloween game? Who's the last boss gonna be, a Madness character!? Nah, that would be ridiculous... right?

NG-DuelledGet it? Cus it's ng characters, duelling. And it's a puzzle game like Bej... oh forget it!

Circle vs. SquaresIn this game you're the only thing that isn't a square... They're all out to get you.
Bloody ChristmasIt's bloody Christmas again. Let's ruin it for everybody!

Damian: The HellevatorYou're trapped in a lift with a bunch of murderous psychopaths... I feel sorry for THEM!
MADNESS: Family DuelsYou wanna be the hero? Kill all the other Madness Dudes... see if that works.
Cyber Hell 3The never ending battle between good and evil rages on through the scrap heap that used to be a line up of celebrity robots. You're evil again this year.
Smashing Slots: PDS
Celebrate Pico Day 2012 with these NG slots. Extra points for trashing machines or destroying the world!
Clock Duels
Strawberry vs. the world!
Cyber Hell 2: i4AI
A series of QTE fights against (mostly) famous robots... killed all the best known ones last year.

The Code Master
Use your logic and programming skills to defeat a series of opponents.
53xy83457 Family Duels Demo
Pick a freak and go on a killing spree. It's a sorta fighting game this time.
The Towers of Annoy
Solve the Towers of Hanoi puzzle as fast as you can for medals and bragging rights.
Quickdraw: Freakshow Demo
A (demo of a) series of duel against the monstrous creations of the ng community.
Quickdraw: Xmas Special
A series of duels against classic Christmas characters.
The Beast: MDM
A series of QTE fights against evil doers from the Madness series.
Quickdraw GUN.5
Shoot or be shot. Kill or be killed. F*ck up or get F*CKED, THE F*CK, UP!!... HD :)
53xy83457's Russian Roulette
Rock Paper Scissors Russian Roulette against some Newgrounds guys.
QD Collection
A series of duels against- NEWGROUNDS to the left of me, ROBOTS to the right, here I am...
The Beast (Part 1)
A series of QTE fights. Follow the prompts to defeat each opponent.
Quickdraw: Cyber Hell
A series of duels against... what is it this time? ROBOT DAY... then... robots, I guess.
Quickdraw 2 Demo
A (demo of a) series of duels against the minions of Satan.
Quickdraw (PDS)
A series of duels against the heroes of Newgrounds.
Dirty Bastard Millionaire Quiz
Answer 15 filthy questions to win £1Million.

Quickdraw (Censored)
Shoot or be shot... but don't you dare say any bad words!
Shoot or be shot. Kill or be killed. F*ck up or get F*CKED, THE F*CK, UP!!


Damian Versus...Bet my mascot could beat up your mascot!
RoboJesus ver. M Kill Tests
All the violence and blasphemy you'd expect from me with none of the pesky ass game play.
Killmas KardOh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, it's time to make this f*cker bleed!

Fatality Shootout
Try to score a goal... or just kill the sh*t outa the keeper, whatever.


Character Customisation & QD GameFrom Time Killer - a scrapped multiplayer minigame project. Player 1 character customisation, backgrounds added.

Quickdraw Game 2From Time Killer -  3rd person perspective, violence downgraded to "Bugs Bunny" level.

Quickdraw GUN.5From Time Killer - a scrapped multiplayer minigame project.


Newgroundsvania part 2

Giant art piece create by ScepterDPinoy.

Note: This has literally nothing to do with me. Scepter was just nice enough to include Damian in it. 


Party Bueno                                          

Take part in one great party that people from all over the world (INCLUDING 53xy83457!!) helped create.


Mega Bet (work in progress)Project Pixkill (work in progress)Just the death scenes
 Mega Newgrounds KilloopCouldn't be arsed with the game? Watch everyone kill the sh*t outa eachother here instead.
Music VisualisersAnime girl background available on request.

The 5 Second Collab
5 sec clips of awesome!

60 Frame Collab 4
Tons of animations only 60 frames long!

2012 Clock Day Collab!
OMG Is that a Clock Day Collab?

Worst Halloween EVER!
Happy Halloween!

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